Prop Defender from Ocean Coatings, a Company which has a strong customer focus and staff buy in to that value in their dealings with customers. The Company’s product offers the opportunity for boat owners to improve the protection now available for drive systems and associated gear. This year I have used Prop Defender on the main propeller, the bow and stern thruster props, the main prop shaft and the trim tabs. I found the product instructions clear and easy to follow and the pack contains all that is necessary to complete the task in hand.

Iain Laidlaw

Last season I used Prop-defender on my 6 year old Sealine SC 35’s duo props after seeing the product reviewed in Motorboat and Yachting. Previously, barnacle growth and other fouling after mere days, had been driving me mad. Compared to other products I have tried, the two simple extra steps were quickly and easily followed. The top coating looked great on the propellers and even felt nice to touch. Right from the start I can honestly say I was blown away with its effect on growth. There was slime build up but this just brushed off from the dock in seconds leaving the props good as new. After a fun late summer, just before lift out I noticed a couple of the prop blade tips had lost some of the coating after 4 months in the water. I reached out to Prop-defender for advice as to how to proceed to touch up the areas. To my utter amazement they responded immediately and sent me the kit to over coat the props. It is often the case you get what you are willing to pay for. Prop-defender is definitely worth the price and saved me time. I would recommend the product and their after sales’ service.

Peter Tempest