Prop Defender Pack


The ultimate solution to keep propellers and running gear free from fouling. Available as a comprehensive kit containing all parts needed for application including unique surface preparation paste and nano ceramic slick coat. Application is simple and easy for owners or professionals. Designed to tenaciously adhere to the propeller surface even under great turbulence whilst underway. Creates a tough glossy surface to which marine growth simply cannot adhere and is flushed off by propeller revolution.


Prop Defender does not use aggressive primers and is completely free of toxins, solvents, VOC’s and biocides. As a non hazardous product it can be delivered direct in the standard mail – passing on big savings to captains and owners.

The result? Prop Defender should pay for itself in fuel savings alone in weeks or months. The finished coat is nano ceramic reinforced for toughness and its clear gleaming appearance gives a super tough glossy finish for lasting propeller protection.

Prop Defender can be applied with confidence on stainless steel, nibral, bronze and aluminium.

Comprehensive Kit Includes:
Preparation Paste – 100ml
Final Detergent Solution – 100ml
2 Stage protective top coats 2 x 100ml as detailed below
Paint Stirrers x 2
P180 Foam Backed Glass Paper x 2
Protective Gloves
Foam Paint Brush x 2
Comprehensive application instructions

Stage 1 – Energy Absorbing Adhesive designed to tenaciously adhere to the prepared metal surface.

Stage 2 – ‘Super Slippy’ Hydrophobic Layer creating a ‘non-stick’ coating to which marine growth cannot adhere.


Coverage Area: 1 m2 / 10.75 ft2

The Prop Defender 400ml Kit comes complete with enough components to coat one propeller up to 3ft/915mm in diameter, or two propellers up to 2ft/610mm in diameter.