Marine Environment

Oceans cover 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface and provide us with food and oxygen. But they are probably the least understood, most biologically diverse, and most undervalued of all ecosystems.

Oceans face the threats of marine and nutrient pollution, acidification, resource depletion and climate change, all of which are caused primarily by human actions.
In order to promote ocean sustainability, innovative solutions that prevent and mitigate detrimental impacts on marine environments are essential.
Ocean Coatings is doing its part to protect the marine environment and recognises its responsibility towards protecting the marine ecosystem upon which we all depend for life.
Our programmes aim to restore the health and productivity of oceans and marine ecosystems by:

  • Total control over the marine fouling problem.
  • Only developing and supplying products that are totally free of toxins, solvents, biocides, VOC’s and any harmful elements.
  • Absolutely safe for the environment.
  • Do not wear out, dissolve or release any components.
  • One single application will last for years.
  • Reduces cross contamination between oceans and climate zones.
  • Drag reduction – save fuel.
  • Supplying products that are the best in the field.