2 Stage Advance Coating.

Stage 1 - Energy Absorbing Adhesive

Stage 2 - "Super Slippy" Hydrophobic Coating

Prop Defender is the latest and best propeller and running gear protective coating, specially formulated to prevent marine fouling from attaching to metal surfaces below the water line. The comprehensive kit is probably the most effective and long lasting coating system available.

  • Gives props a long lasting and ultra smooth surface, which increases boat speed.
  • Keeps props and running gear free of fouling, which makes them more efficient and decreases fuel consumption.
  • Completely free of toxins, solvents, VOC’s and biocides, safe to use with zero effect on the marine environment.
  • Reduces corrosion and lowers maintenance costs.
  • Offers 12-24 months protection from fouling.
  • The finished coat has a clear gleaming appearance and gives lasting protection.
1Where can I get Prop Defender?
The kit can be posted by normal mail as it is free of solvents, toxic chemicals, hazardous ingredients or biocides. This means Prop Defender can be purchased from for next day delivery (UK Mainland) or from your local distributor. Click here to become a distributor.
2How easy is it to apply?
Effortless to apply by the boat owner or professional applicator alike. There are no complex primers and no tight timescales for over-coating. The application instructions are straight forward to follow, thoroughly tested and by following the detailed advice, users will achieve perfect protective coating.
3How long will it last?
Prop Defender is effective, durable and should last a minimum of one whole season, probably more. The coating does not wear out its only enemy is damage or abrasion. Prop Defender is unaffected and will not lose any of its properties if kept out of the water.
4Is it expensive?
Due to its advanced technology, it is probably the most economical system on the market. It will save fuel, improve efficiency and usually pays for itself in a matter of months.
5What can I use it on?
Propellers, rudders, trim tabs, shafts, jet drives, bow and stern thrusters. Can be used on bronze, stainless steel, nibral and aluminium surfaces. The 200ml kit will treat nearly 1m2 / 10.75 ft2 of propeller and stern gear surfaces. This kit will cover and protect one propeller up to 3ft / 915mm diameter or two propellers up to 2ft / 610mm in diameter.