Application Instructions

Thoroughly review product label, application instructions and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safety and cautions prior to using this product.

2 Stage Foul Release System for Propellers and Running Gear

Designed to create a long lasting ‘non-stick’ coating on propellers and shafts of a vessel, to keep surfaces free of marine fouling. Suitable for use on stainless steel, bronze, nibral or aluminium. The finished coating is completely free of solvents, toxins and biocides and will not affect the water or the marine environment. No hazardous primer coat required and therefore may be applied with confidence by owners and professional applicators. The coating will give lasting protection and will eliminate prop drag and improve fuel efficiency.


Surface Preparation – bare metal It is essential that good surface preparation is carried out. Ensure surface is free of all forms of fouling such as coral worm or barnacles, if necessary acid wash. Remove anodes or protect them by applying masking tape. Use stripper disk in angle grinder or an electric drill and thoroughly abrade surface to remove all surface contamination. Take care, do not change the propeller profile.

Degreasing & Surface Preparation

Wear protective gloves and eye protection. Ambient temperature should be minimum 5ºC, maximum 35º C. Apply small amount of degreasing/preparation paste to the P180 Glass Paper and thoroughly scrub metal surface with the paste and the glass paper. The paste penetrates the pores of the metal. Scrub until all ingrained black marks are removed. Prepare detergent solution by adding concentrate solution into pail containing 500ml of preferably warm water. Thoroughly scrub all the surfaces to remove all traces of paste. Rinse surfaces with fresh water. Leave to dry. It is essential that metal surfaces are clean and grease free and once cleaned are not touched by fingers, hand or bare skin as the natural oils will contaminate the surface – wear rubber protective gloves.

TOP Coat Application


Open tin of Stage 1 and stir well with paint stirrer.


All surfaces should be clean and dry and check that condensation or rain will not occur during application or drying. Using the paint brush, apply one even thin coat of Stage 1. Do not apply too much coating as it may run, at 100 micron it will form a good even cover. When applying the coating use a horizontal followed by a vertical action to ‘lay off’ the coating, this will give a smooth finish. After application the brush cannot be used again. When Stage 1 has become touch dry, after approximialey 3 hours, Stage 2 can be applied.. The second coat is applied using the same technique. Wait for 24 hours before vessel is returned to water. Full cure 3 days – do NOT use propellers during this 3 day period.

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