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Our Story

Ocean Coatings is a designer and manufacturer of Marine and Offshore protective coatings specially formulated to meet professional performance standards.

The Ocean team is committed to Quality, Performance and Outstanding service. We strive to be the best by using state of the art research & development techniques, production methodology, and quality control combined with attention to detail at every level of operation.

Prop-Defender is the latest and best propeller and running gear protective coating, specially formulated to prevent marine growth from attaching to metal surfaces below the waterline. The comprehensive kit is the easiest to apply and probably the most effective and long lasting system available.

Key Features
  • Gives props and running gear a long-lasting ultra smooth surface, which increases boat speed.
  • Keeps props and running gear free from fouling, which makes them more efficient and decreases fuel consumption.
  • Free of toxins, solvents, VOC’ and biocides, safe to use and with zero effect on the marine environment.

Propeller protection at its best.

A Tried & Tested Product

Over 12 years in development and backed by innovation.

Advanced Technology

Unique 2 stage coating. Stage 1 - energy absorbing. Stage 2 super ‘slippy’

Scientifically Proven

Works on all underwater metals.

Available Internationally

through approved and appointed distributors. To apply please contact us .